Nicolas Bardou CV

Nicolas Bardou


Technical director – Planning Department
Vinci Autoroutes – Vinci Groupe
Cofiroute Network

Información Profesional


Background :
2000 – 2011 (11 years): Bridges and infrastructures construction, as Production Engineer and Project
Director mainly in airport, motorway and high-speed railway works, in France and Portugal (Spie Batignolles & Eiffage Companies)
2012 – today (9 years): Bridges programme from the owner perspective, in charge of civil engineering Department for Cofiroute network (Vinci Autoroutes)
2012 – today (9 years): Bridges Management system, in charge of bridges, tunnels and structures asset management Department for Cofiroute - 1300 bridges, tunnels (13km); in charge of bridges policy, survey, maintenance, research programs on DEF & scouring. (Vinci Autoroutes)
2018 – today (4 years) : CTO of VINCI Autoroutes, in Cofiroute Network, Asset management strategy in Vinci Autoroutes context.

Associative involvement:
2017 – today : Member of PIARC TC « Bridges » international committee.

2012 – today : Member of bridges committee of ASFA – French Motorways Corporation
2016 – today :Member of IMGC board (Maintenance civil engineering association)
2012 – today : Member of AFGC (French association of civil engineering)
2017 – 2019 : Member of Industrial Advisory Board of TU1406 COST Action (European programme aimed
at establishing a European guideline for bridge indicators, performance goals and quality control plan
addressing bridges management community)

Involved in Workshops or lectures:
PIARC in « Bridges » International Technical Committee, involved in the work group: “Technical and
economic considerations for bridge rehabilitation methods”
IMGC: “Bridges durability for maintenance management” group leader
ASFA: “cost maintenance for bridges” workshop member
Lecture : “Maîtrise d'œuvre de réparation : Le contrat de Maîtrise d’œuvre » (Project Management
engineering regarding bridges repair : The Project Management contract)



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